Restorative Pool Maintenance & Repair

Give new life to your damaged pool with maintenance and repair from our contractors in Montclair, New Jersey. At Pool Concepts, we have the knowledge and skills to correct all types of structural damage. We also provide you with services and products that help preserve all areas of your swimming pool.

Construction Repair

Filters or pump leaking? We fix it for you. Depend on us to also correct issues such as falling tiles, loose caulking, rough pool surfaces, and stained or ripped linings. We also do whatever is necessary to help clear up green or cloudy water.

Clear up the Problem

C.P.O. trained technicians clean and maintain your pool's water equipment for optimum clarity and purification. We use New England fresh chemicals for sanitation. To technically balance the water, we use the Langelier index of molecular weight of water and hydrogen (H2O).

The Saturation Index balancing is performed on a routine basis to conform with EPA guidelines and the National Pool & Spa Institute. We conduct water analyses using Advantis™ Chemicals, which identifies issues such as:
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Total Dissolved Solids
• Alkalinity
• Acidity
• Water Hardness
• Salt
• Copper
• Sulfates
• Chlorine
• Bromide
• pH
• Potential Hydrogen

Seasonal Services

Keep your swimming pool in good condition from season to season with help from Pool Concepts. We offer pool openings from $249, pool closings for $249, and spa openings and closings from $175.

Pool Products

It takes a lot to properly maintain a pool, and we provide you with a complete line of products to help you. We sell and deliver pool chemicals, equipment, parts, and test kits, so we make it convenient and easy to take care of your swimming pool.
FAQ - The following is an example of a frequently asked question we will answer for you.
Question: Hi, we have a 20-year-old, in-ground, concrete pool that is losing tiles and the surface is stained and rough. The children have scratches on their feet after playing in the pool. My name and number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Can you come by and give me choices of what you offer?

Answer: Yes, we have a free estimate.
Contact our staff for pool maintenance and repair that extends the life of your in-ground pools and spas.